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After teaching math for over a year, Sritam realized that most of students didn't have the enthusiasm to learn math. Through juxtaposing the lack of interest and the fact that many of the students were underpriviledged, he figured that there was some relationship between the two and sought to change that. Instead of taking a different approach to teaching math, he decided to help students garner an interest for math. He believes that the best way to garner student's interest in math is through the medium of game development. Through surveys, he realized that his idealogy gathered much interest among 6th to 8th graders. Therefore, he decided to start Codeducation to teach students the math and physics of game development, as well as covering some mobile app development skills. Recently, Codeducation began to cover algorithmic design, implementation, and optimization to prepare students for the computing olympiad.


Sritam Mishra

Co-Founder & President

Sritam is a senior in Lynbrook High School from San Jose, California. In his past time, he develops and designs websites and Android apps and games(Check him out on Play Store!).

Rohan Aren

Co-Founder & Vice President

Rohan is a senior at Lynbrook High School interested in robotics. He likes teaching others physics and computer science.

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Interested in helping out? All donations will go towards providing more equipment for our students to use.